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Hello. I’m Liz Tiedeman, the owner of Brilliant Events. 

At ten years old I began organizing neighbourhood dinner parties and found my niche at the centre of this socially complex adult world.

So many years later, I am still planning events, more intricate and involved than the neighbourhood gatherings, but just as gratifying. I have since added a two-year diploma in Festival and Event Coordination from Capilano University, four years of experience in hospitality management and nine years of experience in event planning to my resume. I am the thankful mother of four and I have perfected the arts of negotiation and multi-tasking in order to keep it that way.

Taken together, my education and experience have given me a unique outlook on Event Planning. I believe the perfect planner doesn’t strive for perfection at all, but for flow and originality and for inspiring the best in others. I believe that experience and connections are the greatest assets a planner can have and I believe in still having a smile on my face at the end of a sixteen-hour day.

My family established in Whistler in 1912 and I have lived in Vancouver, Whistler, and most recently, Pemberton. The deep connections I have all along the Sea-to-Sky corridor allow me to match your event wish list to some of the best vendors around. I have worked with dozens of clients executing events in Vancouver, Whistler, Squamish, Pemberton, and Mexico, and I am available for travel to bring a beautiful West Coast event to you.

I pride myself on being responsive to your needs and working to achieve results within your vision and budget. It’s important to me that I have a strong, warm and friendly working relationship with my clients.

In the end, the fundamentals haven’t changed much since I was ten years old: be friendly, plan meticulously, execute calmly, and anticipate everything is what I learned then and it still holds true. While the “neighbourhood” has grown to include clients from all over the world, I still plan every event as is it were my own and treat each client as if they are family. To me, that’s more than perfect…it’s Brilliant!

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